Obsolete SEO Strategies That Used To Work


Post from Award winning Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Consultant, Gareth Bull. Thanks Gareth.

Using Thin Contents Alone

We all know how SEO strategies are never without content. Content will always be needed, but this doesn’t equate to just any content. Producing low quality content for the sake of producing contents is useless because at the end of the day those kinds of contents are hardly making a difference. You have a higher chance of getting results by using high quality content that are well written and elaborated where readers can actually learn something from it.

Not Paying As Much Attention To Social Media

Though experts can’t confirm how much social media actually helps in SEO, ignoring it altogether isn’t a good idea either. If you have a really nice content, what will you lose if you post it to different social media? Actually, there’s a fair chance that people may like it and start passing it around. As a result, you’re content goes viral and generate many direct links.

Guest Blogging Just To Spam

Guest blogging for the sole purpose of spamming is dead so you might wanna scratch that from your link building strategy. Unless you want to be penalised by Google then by all means continue doing it. Now, it is encouraged to be meticulous in choosing reputable sites before you decide to do guest blogging.

Focusing On Rankings

High ranking in search engines is not everything. This may be a great help to be more visible to users but high ranking doesn’t automatically equate to high traffic. And more importantly, this doesn’t show how exactly the site is doing in general which is would dictate the sales. You’d be better off shifting your focus on analytics and traffic.

Over-Optimization Of Internal Links

Trying to use your keywords to every anchor text in order to create many links that will point to your site is no longer as clever method. In fact, doing so could cost you because Google penalizes over-optimisation too these days.

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